Crochet Lego Blanket (And Pattern Link!)

Crochet Lego Blanket (And Pattern Link!) -
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It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to put something up here! I’ve missed all of my awesome stalkers! I am going to share with you the great blanket that I made and the link for you to get the pattern for yourself!

Crochet Lego Blanket (And Pattern Link!) -
This last May my not so little brother graduated from High School!
We were so proud…

I decided he needed a gift from his big sister. Everyone else in the family has a blanket made by me, but he hadn’t got one yet. (poor youngest child…)

Being that he’s always been into Lego’s the only thing I could think of was to come up with a Lego-themed blanket. I scoured the internet for a pattern that inspired me, and I found a few that I liked, but nothing that really struck me. So this is what I came up with. I winged most of it, taking a little bit of stuff I saw and combining it into my own pattern.

I think the look on his face speaks volumes.

He got the blanket in the middle of the summer, and immediately crawled under it in my parent’s living room. Silly teenager!

I had so much fun making this blanket, and writing the pattern!

Click on the link below if you’d like to purchase this pattern! This link will take you directly to my Etsy listing where you can check it out further and purchase through their site.

Crochet Lego Blanket (And Pattern Link!) -
Designer Notes:
  • Each block measures 3.5’’X5’’.
  • This blanket measures 42’’X70’’.
  • I used a J hook and “I love this yarn” from Hobby Lobby.
  • Use whatever hook and yarn you want to achieve the desired size.
  • There were 168 individual Lego Blocks made and sewn together to form the blanket. Yours can be adjusted to make whatever size blanket you want, simply by adjusting the number of individual blocks you make. I did four colors with a white border, but you can do as many colors as you want and adjust the number to make your desired size blanket.


Stitch Abbreviations:
Sc=Single Crochet
Dc=Double Crochet
Tc=Triple Crochet
Hdc=Half Double Crochet
Yo=Yarn Over


You can check out this pattern, and all of my other ones in the pattern store by clicking here:
You can also read about how others have made this blanket and get some great ideas for your own. Click here to read about it.

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