Winter Snowflake Crochet Blanket

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Winter Snowflake Crochet Blanket

I am so beyond excited to share this project with you today. I’ve been hinting at a new project to appear on the blog and today is finally that day. Calm down, I know you’re just too excited…

Around Christmas time last year, my Mom was talking to me about gifts for our little family of two. She told me she wanted to get me something I’d love. I asked for a Hobby Lobby. When she stopped laughing, I asked for a Jo-Ann’s. 

After that round of laughing (by this point I was getting upset with all the laughter, I mean who doesn’t ask for a Hobby Lobby for Christmas, right?) we finally settled on her buying me some yarn. Her reasoning was that with all the crochet work I’d done over the last few months for others, that it was high time I make something for myself.

Now as good as that is in theory, all of you crafty people know that to make something for yourself is easier said than done. It’s so much more rewarding and fun to make for others! But she convinced me to do for me. So we hopped in the car and headed to Jo-Ann’s. (I was super sad when I realized we weren’t going there to put a real estate offer on it…) We fondled all kinds of yarn for a good half an hour before I found the ones I loved. I struggled with colors for a while. As any long time stalker of this blog knows, I’m a purple whore enthusiast. But I really didn’t want a whole blanket of purple. That’s even a little overboard for me. But I did settle on grey, white, blue and purple. Winter is my favorite season. It’s so pretty and still, and so I chose these colors to kind of represent that theme.

I wanted to make myself a blanket. I decided I was up for the challenge and so we bought out the whole yarn section amount I’d need for a good size blanket.

And then the yarn sat there. And sat there. And then it sat there some more. I haunted Pinterest trying to find crochet blankets that inspired me. I had made a granny square blanket before, but I wasn’t wanting something that traditional this time around. I also wanted this to be something I ADORED not just liked. So I found a few things that I liked and started in on them.

Turns out, I hated all of them. Every last design. I ripped out each and every one I started on, and went back to Pinterest. Finally I found a picture of a blanket that was crocheted, but looked like quilt squares. PERFECT!!!

I got all fired up and did a little bit of it….and then we ended up moving across country. Yeah…cause you can work on crochet blankets while driving a moving truck across Nebraska…This is just a long winded way of saying, that I finally had time now that we’re in our new place to sit down and work on this seriously.

I am in love with how it turned out!
 Let me take you on a picture tour of this awesomeness.

This was an “in progress” picture. After I’d finished the first two rows, I couldn’t wait to put them together. 

If you follow my Facebook page this was the sneak peek I posted. I was simply too excited to share this. This was after I got all four rows put together. 

This was after I got the first round of borders on it. I added a wider border on top and bottom. I needed some length to cover my little piggies! 

This was me trying to decide if I liked the second border I put on it enough to keep it. 
A closer look at the border. I used the same yarn that I joined the rows with as the border. I wanted it to tie everything together. 

I love how thick and chunky this yarn is and how it offsets the purple perfectly. 

This was after I got it completely done. I love how the snowflakes just add a certain pop to the whole thing. 
It measures 58”X72”. Perfect for taking naps, or watching TV. 

More closeups of the snowflakes. I love how they stand out! 

Looks ready to take a nap! 

And more close-ups of the snowflakes. I love how I used one yarn and got so many different looks!

So there you go guys! My brand new blanket. My Christmas present from my Mom to me. She said on the phone “sorry you had to work so hard for it.” I responded with “What work? This was fun!”

And it really was. This turned out so much better than I even thought it would!

Have you ever had to make your own Christmas present before? Tell me about it in the comments!

PS. To celebrate the new name change, we’re going to be having an awesome giveaway soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Love the colors you've chosen for your blanket! They do take lots of work and time, but totally worth it in the end!
    Would love if you shared this at our Yarn Fanatic Linky Party –

  2. THANK YOU for sharing this at our Yarn Fanatic Linky Party 🙂

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