Self Care Ideas

7 self-care tips and self-care activities for the avid crocheter -

7 Quick Self-Care Tips Endorsed by Avid Crocheters

Reading Time: 5 minutes By now you’ve heard me talk about self-care tips & why self-care is important. I’ve also shared the benefits that self-care activities like crochet can bring to your mental and physical health. There are several...

How to relieve stress & anxiety with crochet -

How to Relieve Stress & Anxiety With Crochet

Reading Time: 5 minutes Did you know that yarn crafting is considered a great way to relieve stress & anxiety? It’s true! The repetitive motions & zen-like state that you get into when you’re working on a project are...

A Self-Care List for the Crocheter - Take 10 Minutes for You -

5 Self-Care Tips You Need to Know About

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is a self-care list and why does everyone keep talking about it? What exactly does it entail? All I see when people talk about self-care is the hashtag of #selfcare followed by a picture...